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As a Lancashire Magician, TJ has appeared at the Manchester City Football Ground. Here there was a night to honour the 1969 team which won the FA cup. He also performed at the Manchester Library Theatre. As well as many hotels in the area. Also, he performed comedy magic at the Dalton Rooms in Lancaster.

He has a reputation both as a UK Magician and internationally. With appearances in New York, Los Angeles, South America and Europe. In addition, he has made trips to Canada and all over the world on luxury cruise liners.

Magic Conventions in Lancashire

The Blackpool Magic Convention is one of the largest magic conventions in the world. This includes close up and children’s and stage competitions, lectures and shows. TJ has performed at the convention many times. Including a performance at their close up magic competition. He has also lectured for the Blackpool magicians on two occasions.

Other conventions include the Southport Magicians convention, where TJ won the originality prize awarded by the International Brotherhood of Magicians. This is one of TJ’s most coveted awards, as originality is central to his work.

His routines are built on a sleight of hand. Consequently, he has received the Magic Circle Close up Magician of the Year Award. With a flair for comedy, he can keep your guests amused while fooling them completely. He regularly tours the UK with his show Devious Minds. Also appearing at comedy magic nights up and down the country.

Suppose you are looking for a Lancashire Magician. One to liven up your corporate event or private party, then give us a call. Tj has entertained Senators and Royalty and performed on luxury cruise liners and international magic nights.

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