Video Magic From TJ Shoesmith

Over the years TJ Shoesmith has created a wealth of video magic. These clips are often poor by modern standards. Still they provide an insight into his performance style and magic. Filmed in the UK and the US, over the last two decades.

The Magic Castle 2007

The Magic Castle is where I recorded the first video of my cabaret act. This was recorded the video some time ago. It is somewhat grainy but I’m proud of it. I performed 21 shows that week. On the last day we recorded this performance. The Magic Castle did not allow us to record the video ourselves. So, we had to book them well in advance.

The Magic Castle 2014

I returned to the Magic Castle many times before the pandemic. On this occasion I was in the close up room. This seats twenty five in raked seating which makes it a perfect arena for table-top magic.

The Magic Circle Close Up Competition 2003

I won this competition in 2013 ten years after this was filmed. However, I much prefer this performance, I felt I had the audience from the moment I walked on the stage. As you can see, they were wonderful.

Video Magic from my First Show Reel 2003

The first show reel I ever made, filmed on a state of the art camera believe it or not. Because there was no iPhone back in the day. Filming shows has become so easy to do now but twenty years ago it took quite some planning.

My Current Show Reel

Filmed a couple of years ago by my favourite photographer.

Video Magic on ITV

Filmed for ITV . I won the Magic Circle Close Up Competition in 2013. So, ITV invited me onto the program to talk about the win and show the presenters some close up magic.

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