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How can a trade show magician help you find out which are potential buyers? Through his presentations, Tj can glean information about those in the audience so you can make an informed choice?

It is tragic watching potential customers walk by your trade show stand when you have paid good money to engage them and turn them into prospects. So, in the trade show environment, it is important to stand out from your competitors. With this in mind, how do you give yourself the unique branding which will drive customers to your stand?

Hiring a Trade Show Magician to solve problems.

Tj can do this for you, it’s not easy, it needs planning and a dedicated sales staff but the rewards are substantial.

The three things you need to do:

Increase footfall

Getting more people to visit your stand is the first step to getting a better return. How can you identify a possible customer if you don’t meet them? A good corporate performer will increase the number of potential customers your team meets during the day!

A Trade Show Magician can Identify potential customers

With the aid of interactive magic, Tim can identify which customers fall into your demographic. He can collect details and pass them on to your sales staff. This means that your staff will concentrate on talking to the right customers, increasing sales and profits.

This is where the magic comes into its own, it is one of the few art forms which allows complete interaction with an audience. Through light-hearted banter and positive questions, Tim will identify which individuals or groups are of interest to you!


Once your magician has identified which delegates are prospective clients he can pass them on to your waiting sales staff. With several short performances throughout the day, the number of potential leads will dramatically increase.

Tj goes into more detail regarding how to use a magician in his article Trade Show Magicians can help your Business.

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Tim has worked as a trade show magician for some of the biggest companies and provided successful branding for companies such as Cadbury’s. Contact him for a no-obligation consultation.

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