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Close Up Magician

TJ is a magician who has performed magic for twenty years, turning professional in 2002. Since then he has travelled the world with performances in Canada, USA, Egypt, France, Germany and Italy as well as all corners of the UK. Venues include the world famous Magic Castle. His popularity is due to a combination of strong magic and self-deprecating humour.

“When magicians perform it is very easy to come across as arrogant, after all, we usually know something which you don’t, that is why it fools you. From early on I realised that it was important to let the audience know that I didn’t take it too seriously. This is why I’m not happy unless the audience is laughing.”

TJ Shoesmith

Magic works well in so many situations. Wedding, Corporate Events, Team Building, House Parties, Trade Shows, in fact just about any event where people gather can benefit from the fun and laughter that magic brings

Award Winning Magician

During his career he has picked up a number of awards including The Magic Circle Close Up Magician of the Year, the International Brotherhood of Magicians Champion as well as receiving the IBM award for originality. He was also made a Member of the Inner Magic Circle (only a few hundred world-wide) within five years of joining. TJ has also performed as a cruise ship magician all over the world and TV consultant.

Experienced Close Up Magician

Private Parties, Weddings, Tradeshows & Corporate Events

Table Magician

When TJ first performed at The Magic Castle in Hollywood (see the video page), it was in the Close Up Magic room. A small intimate theatre seating no more than twenty five people. Since then, he has been invited back many times.

It really makes you concentrate on creating close up magic that flows and keeps the audience engrossed throughout. That first trip was one of the most remarkable moments in my career, in fact in my life.

TJ Shoesmith
tj shoesmith magician with funny drawing
Performing onstage at The Magic Circle

Why Book A Magician

I think in the past year or so we have all realised how important friendship and family is.

Joni Mitchell so elegantly put it in what must be the most surreal song title ever, “Big Yellow Taxi”, you “don’t know what you’ve got till its gone

As we start to come together, entertainment, fun and laughter become so important and magic can bring your family and guests that wonder and surprise that has been missing for so long.

TJ Shoesmith

Family Entertainment

I performed as a children’s entertainer for several years at the beginning of my career. Although most close up and corporate magicians have done so, they seem to hide the fact, as if they are embarrassed about it. I see it as a strength.

Although neither the close up magic nor comedy cabaret or pickpocket act is aimed at children, I have the experience to make sure that they are not ignored. Once you understand children and are not intimidated by their enthusiasm it is easy to make them the stars of the show.

Although most of my performances do not have children present, those that do, weddings for example, are more fun because of it.

TJ Shoesmith
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Award Winning Close Up Magician

TJ is a Magician born to perform and is perfect for any event throughout the UK (and abroad). Magic Tricks are memorable, surprising, and guaranteed to entertain your guests.

Mix and Mingle Magic

This describe those situations where a group of people are not seated and therefore moving around. Although from a performance point of view it does not sound ideal, for magic it works rather well. It really is the closest that your guests can get to the magic. Your magician can move through the crowd amazing your guests as they go.

I find it exciting, you can literally go from performing for a couple to having ten or twenty people standing in a ring watching you. That is when I realise why I do this job.

TJ Shoesmith

Corporate Magician

Tj has performed for many top companies here in the UK and in Europe. With engagements for companies such as Boots, Bloomberg, Investec and many others, you know he has the sophistication to front your company effectively. Not only can he perform for your employees, clients and customers but if you need a message or theme as well Tj has the experience to do it.

corporate logos for which tj has performed magic
Companies TJ Has Performed For

Wedding Magician

Few people consider using a magician at a wedding. If only they could see the effect it has before they tie the knot. If so, I’m sure they would consider it. One survey found that 60% of brides and grooms said they wished they had spent more money on entertainment. You can learn more on our FAQ page.

If I could only do one type of event for the rest of my career, I would choose weddings. They are just so perfect for magic and family entertainment. Whenever I perform at a wedding I leave beaming, you can literally feel the love in the room.

TJ Shoesmith
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